Argumentative Essay Elements

Argumentative Essay is an essay in which you try to argue your point of view by supporting it with evidence. 

Before you start your argumentative for cheap write my essay, you must take a few minutes to plan it and research a good topic that really sparks your interest. After you explore the argumentative essay topics, write down a list of all points you could use as an evidence for or against a problem and take a position. 

Effective argument essay consists of several important elements:

- An introduction - it's the first paragraph in your paper where you introduce your topic and assert your side with a thesis statement of your position on a specific controversial essay topic you are going to prove.

- The body  - is where you must prove your thesis statement. You actually present two sides of the controversy you made at the end of your argumentative paper introduction and demonstrate the strongest evidence points of the counter-side of your issue one by one.  
After arguing the "other" side of controversy, you must give your own position and provide evidence to show why your viewpoint is the correct one. This part of your paper can be any length, from several paragraphs to many pages.

- The conclusion  - is the part of your argument essay where you illustrate your assertion as the "better" than others in summary paragraphs. 
Be sure to be critical to your own argument to eliminate any errors in reasoning. Your essay argument is as strong as the objections to it. If you can not discount an objection and defend your side, then you need to rethink, revise your position and edit your essay.

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